Mailing list members are persons that have subscribed to a given mailing list to get periodic email messages, such as weekly newsletters. In case the mailing list client application that is used to administer the list allows it, you can also authorize members manually, but in this case such email messages may be looked upon as being unsolicited and reported as spam by the users. Typically, these mailing list members can unsubscribe from a mailing list by clicking a link in the email messages they receive, or you, being the mailing list moderator, can delete them manually in case they make such a request or if you decide that some of the mailing list members should not belong to the list any longer. Each member will see only their address in the "To" section of the emails they get, but not the email addresses of the remaining members of the mailing list.
Mailing List Members in Cloud Hosting
If you’ve got a Linux cloud hosting package with us and you set up an Internet mailing list, you’ll be able to administer the mailing list members without difficulty. You do not even need to sign into your Hepsia hosting Control Panel, as you can do everything via email from any place. By sending email messages with given commands to, you will be able to gain access to numerous features offered by our popular Majordomo mailing list client app. You can see a full list of all present mailing list members, or if you need – you can include/remove members. If you include a new mailbox, the user in question will get a notification and will need to verify that they accept to be added to the mailing list. Deleting a user is also truly easy – you simply have to send a message to the administrator address pertaining to the mailing list.