An auto-responder is a predefined e-mail message, which is sent automatically as an answer to each and every email received inside a mailbox with this option activated. The two most common examples for using this function are automatic e-mails that one is temporarily out of the office or that an order is received successfully. An auto-responder could also be used as a standard verification that the e-mail is received successfully, which is often something quite important in business e-mail correspondence. The message that's sent can be more or less anything and can be modified according to the circumstances and what the auto-responder will be employed for. As the option is activated server-side, there isn’t anything you are expected to do manually and you don't need an e-mail program to be enabled constantly for an automatic reply to be sent to the individual sending you an email.
Auto-responder Emails in Cloud Hosting
It will be possible to make an auto-responder message for each of your mailboxes with as few as two mouse clicks with each and every cloud hosting package that we provide you with. All that you will need to do is to navigate to the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, pick the auto-responder icon for a particular e-mail, enter the message inside the box which will show up and save the changes. If you want to modify or remove a message, you'll need to follow the exact same steps. The Emails section will enable you to find which e-mail accounts have an auto-responder option, to help you effortlessly monitor what's going on with your e-mails. You can also activate or deactivate the function for several email addresses at the same time.